What's going on??

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Why aren't the pictures showing up?

Sometimes, the CAS login doesn't properly communicate with Yale's picture database. To solve this, try refreshing the page. If that doesn't work, simply log out and log back in.

I accidentally put the wrong gender for my roommate / suite mate / loved one. How can I change my screw's gender or sexual preferences if I made a mistake the first time?

For security purposes, you only get one chance to specify someone else's gender and sexual preferences. The only person who can change Joe's information is Joe himself—and he has the final say. If you made a mistake, get in touch with Joe, direct him to Screw Me Yale and tell him to update his preferences in the Profile panel.

This piece of crap doesn't work / this is awesome!!

ScrewMeYale was originally created by Rafi Khan , but is now maintained by the YCC. To report any bugs, please email Alex Reinking. Thanks!


Screws are dances at Yale where you don't find your own date -- instead, your roommate sets you up. While fun and often hilarious, Screws present a large coordination problem that some simply don't have time to deal with.

To help, there's Screw Me Yale.

Step 1: Sign in and 'screw' your roommate.

Step 2: Browse the matches that SMY recommends for him or her. You can filter those results by those who have similar interests, or who are going to the same event.

Step 3: If you see someone who's a good fit for your screw-ee, click their name to send their roommate a request. If you both think your screw-ees are good for each other, then the match is made!

Screw Me Yale recently got a shoutout in the Yale Daily News,
and in April 2012, placed 3rd in the Yale College Council App Challenge!

By Rafi Khan and the YCC [ contact ]